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The Slovakia Hub in India is a platform developed by Indian Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic in collaboration with startup hubs in Mumbai area, venture capitalists, investors and agnels to strengthen and foster the connection between the Indian and Slovak startup ecosystem.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic sets the goal of supporting the development activities of mutual Slovak-Indian relations and trade between the Republic of India and the Slovak Republic as well as technical and economic cooperation between entrepreneurs of the two countries and provide information and assistance to all who choose them and their shareholders. The Chamber establishes relations and mutual cooperation with the Indian Embassy in Slovakia, through joint projects and proposals, along with the Slovak Chamber of Commerce, the Union of Chambers, regional centers for the development of foreign trade, industry and art chambers and export consortia and other institutions and associations that will develop.

The Chamber is dedicated to promotional activities, through which it serves useful economic information to assist the expansion of cooperation between the companies and contributed to the development of business opportunities. One of the key project of 2017 is to establish the Indian footprint in Mumbai with its first Startup Hub Conference and first contact point.

The Hub aims to be a dynamic and interactive platform that will facilitate learning and development, networking, mentorship, and funding for startups. The idea behind the platform is to aggregate different offerings of the ecosystem and enable discovery by the right audience.

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