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Club Cafe Biz - Startup for tier 2-3 cities

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Cafebiz, is a startup consulting which works with Aspiring, Ideation, Prototype and Growth Entrepreneurs. We are working in tier two and tier three cities with Entrepreneurs. It provides 360 degrees support to an entrepreneur/startup.

Startup Consulting

Consulting Paradigm

WE have an unique engagement model which keeps us apart from our Consultancies. We provide unique ‘handholding’ assistance to the entrepreneurs/startups for realizing their dream of becoming successful entrepreneurs.This platform is for Aspiring ones, Existing Entrepreneurs,Women Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs & StartupsOur mission is to make Cafebiz as the largest community of Startups wherein we can nuture them.


We promote, create and provide management consulting services to Entrepreneurs at different stages in their lifecycle – early, growth and mature.

CCB, is a leading community devoted to the development of entrepreneurs potential. Our mission is to launch and enrich Entrepreneurs in the ecosystem wherein stalwart exists having more than 25 years of experience in developing people with their professional skills, planning to set up a business strategy to make it successful by providing innovative solutions to their businesses.

This is a premium Community which enables you to join hands with like-minded Entrepreneurs and stresses on the need to decode the Entrepreneur’s DNA .

The activities of this community inspire, motivate and encourage men/women to participate in entrepreneurial activities

It’s a galaxy of Entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors to educate, engage and connect Entrepreneurs wherein there is fun and relaxed business networking events for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

This community is open to all social entrepreneurs, Start-ups, budding entrepreneurs and artisans.

There will be an array of Events, Seminars & workshops pan India. The focus of this community is to identify and develop entrepreneurs in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India

It’s a virtual community of Entrepreneurs wherein we are consulting them in the various aspects of business.
If any Entrepreneur is facing any challenge in scaling up or launching any venture or not able to sustain then Cafebiz enables the Entrepreneur to put the right ideas and right model in place which will quantify success as well.

CafeBiz activities so far:

  • Community Partner with ” The Mentorpreneurs” at IIT Powai
  • Sponsor at SIAWED Event on Women’s Day in Chennai
  • ​Sponsor at Google I/O event in Lucknow
  • Organised Your Story event, in Lucknow
  • Organised ” Venture Hour” program by Venture Works in Lucknow
  • Mentored three Startups from Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad @The Economic Times, Catapooolt Change maker Crowdfunding event
  • Mentored three Women Entrepreneurs from Chandigarh and Lucknow for the We Can Program of Cherie Blair Foundation
  • Consulting to startups in Marketing, Strategy & Funding
  • Community Partner at Nepal India Summit
  • Mentor at IIT Kanpur Incubation
  • Mentoras BIMTECH Atal Incubation.
  • Hand holding partner with SIDBI


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