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Rohith Ramadas

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Rohith RamadasRohith started his career as a Software Developer after finishing his Bachelors of engineering in Informational Technology, he then pursued his Master’s in International Business Management at Paris.

He worked in various fields such as IT consulting, project management and also as freelance International Business Developer for French and Australian wineries. Having his work experiences in 3 different countries with multinational companies, he is well known for his Cross Cultural Management and Project Coordination.  

Rohith is very passionate about International Business with strong IT background and organized several events in India, France and Slovakia. With his vast International experience along with strong network around the world with different Chamber of Commerce, he is serving Indian Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic as Vice president of Immigration Services.

Some of his achievements include; Working in International Chamber of Commerce, in World Chambers Congress in Paris, working for Asia-Pacific markets, Documenting Network System of Groupama Garancia, Market research and Market entry proposals for French and Australian Wineries.

Rohith established his own Business consulting firm in 2017 in Slovakia and does several businesses in sector of import/export, travel agency, immigration services, educational consulting and also own sports wellness resort in Bratislava. For more information please contact Rohith directly at ramadas(@)


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