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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the body which manages the Chambers for the period between general meetings. Board of Directors meetings are held as required, but at least two times a year. Board meeting may be convened in written by the Executive Director, Chairman of the Board or at least two members of the Board of Directors. Board member elect among themselves a Chairman of the Board - President and three Vice-presidents, who are also statutory representatives of the Chamber authorized to sign and act independently on behalf of the Chamber. Chairman of the Board is also Chairman of the Chamber and President of the Chamber. The Board approves the annual plan of activities of the organization - the budget, objectives, activities, and financial statements and management for the previous year. The Board forms and update the vision and direction of the association. Active cooperation with the Executive Director on strategic decision making and creating strategic documents of the organization. The Board has the power, in appropriate cases to issue binding instructions to the Executive Director. The Board of Directors has been delegated power from General Assembly adopt and adapt the statutes of the Chamber of Commerce.

Rakesh Taurani
Rakesh TauraniPresident and CEO
Mysore Lokesh
Mysore LokeshChairman of the Board
Alexander Horvath
Alexander HorvathVice President and COO
Bijal Patel
Bijal PatelVice President and CFO
Shirish Baban Deo
Shirish Baban DeoVice President Defense
Venugopalan Mohan
Venugopalan MohanVice President Education
Mini Gautam
Mini GautamVice President Legal
Rohith Ramadas
Rohith RamadasVice President IT & Startups

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