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Job offers

Attention Indian students in Slovakia or students of public policy and management in India or Slovak students in international business or management. We have interesting internship job offer for you:

We are looking for smart, talented and hard working Indian students who could help running management of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Culture in Slovak Republic. The job is rather virtual/online however personal meetings in Bratislava are possible. You can benefit from the experience of non-profit organization, structured management style and business-to-business network, meet Indian investors and different CEO and General Managers of big companies. Please fill out below contact form or write directly email to Alexander Horvath (email horvath(at)

We are looking to staff following positions:

Business Analytic Manager
Organizing spreadsheets, building smartsheets, data mining, internet company due diligence, building sector based lists of companies in Slovakia and India, writing blogs on website

Market Analyst
Macro economical analysis of Slovakia and India per sector. Sector Analysis, Feasibility studies, Market Entry Suggestions, Writing Blogs on website

Media and Communication Manager
Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) care, posting daily news (at least 3), finding interesting subjects from area of Indian/Slovak startups, clean energy, social development, join ventures, posting them onto the website, sharing on fanpage, building followers, Search Engine Optimization on key words, Writing blogs on website, Newsletter preparation, Email Templates

Event and Workshops Manager
Creating and organizing of workshops, organizing agenda, finding speakers from different companies, finding clients through Slovak Trade Agency and Indian Embassy and Slovak Chamber of Commerce, preparing the agenda presentations, documenting the feedback, writing events (seminar, workshops) notification on website, consulting with the board about possible workshop or seminar idea

Project Manager
Running typical project management case studies from the identification of customer needs, to Supplier of the data, input, process output and customer, cost management, cost analysis, project evaluation. Projects to be defined. Membership seeking, clients chasing, projects proposals, seeking for business opportunities, consulting with the board about project

Finance and Planning Manager
Planning of finance, cost structure, revenue structure, revenue plans, membership forecasting, predictions, spreadsheets, analysis, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash flow. Consulting with the board about the progress and development of finance

Office Manager
Running office agenda, answering emails, consulting with the board, preparing emails, feedback, writing to companies, Indian Chamber Newsletter preparation (together with Media and Communication Manager), Travel coordination, trade mission preparation, blog writing

ALL: Please state desired positions, since we are looking for more positions, your availability (e.g how long can you support the job), when can you start and other facts about you. English language is required. The jobs positions are opened, we understand the summer is coming, so we won't be very demanding during this period, however support and availability is preferred.

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