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Whether you are looking for investing in Sri Lanka companies or establishing the first contact with our business partners on this beautiful island, we have prepared for you tons of information about doing business in Sri Lanka, their culture and investment opportunities. Same goes the other way around if you are a company from Sri Lanka with the right product or services and you would like to enter the central European market, contact the Indian Chamber of Commerce first. We are partnering with the best companies and consultants in Slovakia, India and Sri Lanka. See below Sri Lanka sectors to get a better overview what they need.

Sectors in Sri Lanka

Service Sector

Contributing to more than 60 percent of Sri Lanka’s GDP as of 2016, the services sector is by far the largest generating source of the country’s production. According to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the wholesale and retail trade took the largest slice of the services sector, with more than 20 percent of all Services sector’s contributions coming through this trade.

Nevertheless, coming at second place was the Transport and Communication segment, which combined contributed to more than 14 percent of the outcome of the Services industry.

At third place was the country’s fast growing tourism industry, which accounted for roughly around 10 percent of the service industry’s total outcome.

Finally, the banking sector, insurance as well as real estate were at a respectable fourth place and contributed roughly 9 percent to the service industry’s output.

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