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About us

The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Culture sets the goal of supporting the development activities of mutual Slovak-Indian relations and trade between the Republic of India and the Slovak Republic as well as technical and economic cooperation between entrepreneurs of the two countries and provide information and assistance to all who choose them and their shareholders. The Chamber establishes relations and mutual cooperation with the Indian Embassy in Slovakia, through joint projects and proposals, along with the Slovak Chamber of Commerce, the Union of Chambers, regional centers for the development of foreign trade, industry and art chambers and export consortia and other institutions and associations that will develop. The Chamber is dedicated to promotional activities, through which it serves useful economic information to assist the expansion of cooperation between the companies and contributed to the development of business opportunities.

One of our big focus is to prepare our members to enter local market in India and Slovakia.
Members receive counselling, workshops, mentoring, coaching and prepareation of getting into the Indian or Slovak market. The individual approach includes following:

• Cultural and Language Assistance
• Custom Market Research
• Due Diligence
• Export Education: documentation, logistics, etc.
• Export Readiness Assessments
Financial Assistance
• Identifying Local Marketing Tools
• International Partner or Joint Venture searches
• Local Product Requirements
• Trade Missions

If you have any questions or like to become a member don't hesitate to contact us directly. The prices of membership are shown here.

Chamber Structure

Chamber Structure


President proposes the amount of fees, prepare a budget and decide on further activities of the Chamber. President shall be elected by the Board of Directors and represents the Chamber outwards in all legal matters and against any third party.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the body which manages the Chambers for the period between general meetings. The board checks and implements the decisions of the General Assembly and supervise the work of the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

The committee has minimum 3 and maximum 6 members: the president, three vice presidents, treasurer and secretary. The Committee meets once a month but at least two times a year. Secretary represents employees in their rights.

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