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One of our big focus is to prepare our members to enter local market in India and Slovakia. Members receive counselling, workshops, mentoring, coaching and prepareation of getting into the Indian or Slovak market. The individual approach includes following:

• Cultural and Language Assistance
• Custom Market Research
• Due Diligence
• Export Education: documentation, logistics, etc.
• Export Readiness Assessments
Financial Assistance
• Identifying Local Marketing Tools
• International Partner or Joint Venture searches
• Local Product Requirements
• Trade Missions
• Office registrations
• Banking assistance
• Saminars, webinars and workshops

Market research

Conducting market research with professionals from the field. Whether it is automobile, chemicals, metalurgy, software or telecomunication we can provide thorough package based on which you can make further decisions and actions.


Consulting individual cases, in most of the times it requires personal meetings, understanding the client's needs, the market they are in and the region they would like to base their strategy. Consulting on sales and product placement.


Members of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Culture are able to attend our monthly seminars and workshops free of charge where we discuss different case studies and scenarios. There is lots of networking and B2B.

Business Match

One of the basic ideas of the chambers is networking and business to business match. Based on Forbes 2016, this is the key to build your future success of your company. Don't wait up in the line, meet your partner here.

Labor Database

Labor database is something we can assist you with. Each company when entering market needs professionals to work with. From standard factory workers to office managers and finance professionals, we can provide assistance.

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