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Whether you are looking for investing into Slovak companies or establishing first contact with our business partners we have prepared for you tons of informations about doing business in Slovakia, Slovak culture and investment opportunities. Samse goes the other way around, if you are Indian company with right product or services and you would like to enter the central european market, contact the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Culture first. We are partnering with the best companies and consultants both in Slovakia and India. See below Slovak sectors to get better overview what Slovakia needs.

Sectors in Slovakia

  • Slovakia has become an important global automotive center producing the highest number of cars per capita in the world.
  • This became possible thanks to the presence of major global automotive suppliers and especially three world-known car manufacturers:
    Volkswagen (Bratislava), PSA Peugeot Citroën (Trnava), KIA Motors (Žilina) and now Jaguar Land Rover (Nitra).
  • In 2012, the production in the Slovak automotive production and assembly plants reached 926,555 passenger cars.
  • Slovakia is the world’s largest producer of cars per capita with production of 171 cars per 1000 inhabitants.
  • The sector also contributes significantly to the total exports of Slovakia in the amount of 26% (16,3 bn EUR).
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Car Components
  • Currently, 274 production plants supplying automotive industry operate in Slovakia, of which 202 are located in the western part of the country, especially along the highway D1 from Bratislava to Žilina and highway R1 from Trnava to Banska Bystrica.
  • Among the key suppliers in the supply sector are listed Continental, Johnson Controls, INA, Mobis, Magneti Marelli, Getrag Ford, Valeo, ZF SACHS, ArvinMeritor, Visteon, Faurecia, Lear and many others.
  • Building an electrical infrastructure for electric cars in Slovakia was initiated by Východoslovenská energetika, member of the RWE group, and Západoslovenská energetika, member of the E.On group.
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  • Slovakia’s defence budget for 2013 was 748,4 million EUR
  • Slovakia is a member of both the European Union (since 2004) and NATO (since 2004), thus the Slovak Republic requires advanced technologies to modernize its defence inventories for participation in the activities of these organisations.
  • Most Slovak aerospace firms produce ultra light aircrafts and aircraft turbines components.
  • The Ministry of Defence is the largest customer for A&D components and systems in Slovakia.
  • Import and export regulations fully comply with EU directives.
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Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • The Slovak chemical industry (hereinafter also as “SCHI”) has traditionally been one of the largest sectors of the national economy.
  • In 2012, revenues generated by all companies in this sector amounted to EUR 12.4 billion, representing 15% of the Slovak industry (EUR 82.3 billion) and 19% of the Slovak manufacturing sector (EUR 66.9 billion).
  • Production of pharmaceutical products is usually considered to forman integral part of the chemical industry. These sectors combined are to employ over 37 thousand people.
  • 4 largest sub-segments include: Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products, Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products, Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and drugs, Manufacture of rubber and plastic products.
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IT and Telecommunication
  • The IT sector, employing more than 40 000 people and with a significant share of social, health and tax payments.
  • European strategy called Digital Agenda 2020 accredits 50% share of economic growth of the EU in the course of the last 15 years to IT.
  • Slovakia offers many business advantages, such as relatively low wage costs for talented, adaptable and educated work force, foreign languages spoken at rather high level.
  • IT industry is not only one of the pillars of the Slovak economy, but it is also one of a few sectors Slovakia can rely on when searching for sources of potential growth of country’ s GDP.
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Electrical engineering industry
  • Electrical engineering industry (EEI) representing one of the basic pillars of modern industry and the entire Slovak economy, experiences a period of extensive growth, with the onset of modern companies and decline of production in many outdated operations.
  • In last decade, total revenues of EEI companies kept growing with double digit dynamics. This was happening especially thanks to the largest EEI ́s producer – Samsung Electronics Slovakia in Galanta. In 2011, with revenues of EUR 3,17 billion, which represent 37% of the whole sector revenues, this company ranked fourth among all industrial companies EEI.
  • 60 thousand people working directly and indirectly in EEI.
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Wood Processing
  • Timber resources of Slovak forest are continually increasing what relates to the higher portion of stands aged 50 to 100 years.
  • Average timber reserve represents 232 m3. per hectare.
  • Timber harvesting increase results in the rise of market and economic potential of forest economics.
  • The most stable wood-processing industry branch is paper industry.
  • The Slovak Republicbelongs to the European countries with the highest forest percentage. The forest percentage amounts
    approximately to 41% (2,006.6 thousand hectares - y.2008) of the total area of the Slovak Republic.
  • Broadleaved trees (59.7%) dominate coniferous trees (40.3%).
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Shared Service Centers
  • In recent years there has been strong interest of international companies in relocating and centralizing their business services to the Central Europe region. (CEE)
  • The CEE is a popular location for companies that want to establish new Shared Services Centers or Call Centers.
  • Based upon the latest Colliers International & A.T. Kearney survey, the actual Shared Service Center “Hot Spots” include Bratislava, Brno, Budapest, Prague, Krakow and Wroclaw.
  • The Slovak economy is a well -performing market economy. Slovakia offers many advantages, such as relatively low wage costs for a talented and well-educated labor force, as well as many foreign languages spoken (English and German in particular), a business friendly environment and a good quality of life. Many international companies like Dell, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Lenovo, Accenture, JCI and NESS have already discovered Slovakia and taken advantage by opening operations here.
  • Excellent multilingual skills: especially EN, DE, FR, ES, CZ & other CEE languages incl. Russian.
  • Strategic time zone location.
  • Political stability and high economic performance.
  • Official Currency - EURO.
  • Low Labor Costs vs. High Labor Productivity & Flexible Labor Code.
  • Dynamically growing real estate market with A-level offices
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