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Lea Danis INDCHAMLea has studied Journalism and Communication in Slovak Capital, Bratislava. Thanks to her excellent academic records, she than changed her base for Rome where one of the oldest Universities La Sapienza offered her added value of political and societal studies. First professional internship brought Lea to yet another capital, London, which became her base for traveling the world to absorb professional experience in media, marketing and communication. Belgium, PRC (People’s Republic of China), Turkey and Sri Lanka were Lea’s most significant highlights on her way to become a true professional she is now.

It was Sri Lanka, that at the end changed the direction of Lea’s path. Under the wing of local media and marketing agency Lea stepped into the governmental and lobbying area. As a Communication Coordinator, Lea’s key appointment was to negotiate governmental support for the Yala National Park Project along with a new wildlife conservation digital plan. After several months of setting up and introducing the action plan, networking and conferring with the Ministry Officials, president of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa, accepted and officially implemented the digital proposal into the Sri Lankan Ministry’s strategy during the National Day Of Wildlife Conservation.

During here 2-years stay in Colombo, Lea has also been a part of a top-class world fashion business with Sri Lanka being its well known hub. As a prestigious Victoria’s Secret model, she  has developed herself a significant network within the industry and beyond.

While living on this exotic island, Lea off course couldn’t resist commencing her own traveling agency and assisting couples from Europe to get married in Sri Lanka. Being as natural in coordination and communication as she is, Lea managed to establish her own local chain of quality suppliers and trustworthy service providers. At the moment, her agency is preparing additional services to be offered in order to satisfy ever increasing demand on European touristic market.

After her return to Slovakia, Lea continues extending her traveling business. Apart from that, she dedicates her free time to music as a professional singer and songwriter with the support of Slovak National Radio.

Her deep interest and connection to Sri Lanka brought her to the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Culture. Lea is now operating as the Managing Director for Sri Lanka as well as overall Chief Cultural Officer for the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Culture in the Slovak Republic.

As the Managing Director Lea is to pioneer a newly established Sri Lankan Commerce subsidiary. She believes to help stimulating the Slovak-Sri Lankan both business and inter-cultural relations.

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