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Executive Committee and Management

The Board of Directors shall elect the Executive Committee for a term of five years. The committee has minimum 3 and maximum 6 members: the Chief Executive Officer and President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Management Officer. The Committee meets once a month but at least two times a year. CMO manages the staff of the Chamber and represents employees in their rights in accordance with Board of Directors Regulation wherever possible and with agreed budget by the Board. President shall be elected by the Board of Directors and represents the Chamber outwards in all legal matters and against any third party, before government, both on the state level as well as at international level. In his absence or incapacity of President, the Vice Presidents may be represented.

In order to deal with the current course of business of the Chamber, the Board of Directors is empowered to establish the necessary infrastructure of management staff which provides necessary support in managing day to day operations and finance of the Chamber in respective regions or areas.

Slovakia Management Office

Rakesh Taurani
Rakesh TauraniChief Executive Officer
Alexander Horvath
Alexander HorvathChief Operating Officer
Harish Reddy
Harish ReddyChief Financial Officer
Bijal Patel
Bijal PatelChief Management Officer
Lea Daniš
Lea DanišManaging Director Sri Lanka
Rohith Ramadas
Rohith RamadasManaging Director Immigrations
Nora Babalová
Nora BabalováManager International Relations
Eliška Dzurňáková
Eliška DzurňákováManager Developement & NGOs

India Management Office

Aparna Mishra
Aparna MishraManaging Director Uttar Pradesh
Sandeep Garg
Sandeep GargManaging Director Delhi
Vinay Gopalan
Vinay GopalanM.Director M.P & Chhattisgarh
Rajesh Shanmugam
Rajesh ShanmugamTechnical Director
Gaurav Shukla
Gaurav ShuklaManaging Director Rajasthan
Mufeed Ahmed
Mufeed AhmedManaging Director Startups
Divakar Shukla
Divakar ShuklaManaging Director Haryana

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