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We are proud to present our long lasting partner, company INDIMEX which celebrates 25 years of retail business in Slovakia. INDIMEX became the biggest retail store in the Central Europe and many of small gifts come from this store. We met the founder Mr. Lalit and asked few questions.

INDCHAM: Mr. Lalit how are you today?

LALIT: It's tough times during COVID. We have not closed the doors to the business but our sales went down by 30%. We cannot travel and attend global retail expos and find new gifts for shoppers.

INDCHAM: The warehouse on Stara Vajnorska, Bratislava is massive, how big is it?

LALIT: The warehouse is 750 m2 and we have more than 5 million articles inside. Business people from gift shops and retail stores come to us daily but nowadays during COVID is tough, because the big shopping centers are closed and shops are closed. Everything slowed down.

INDCHAM: How is your life in Slovakia?

LALIT: As Indian coming from North part of India the weather is similar. I come from the smaller state called Haryana, which is north of New Delhi. Slovakia is a welcoming country, my second home. People are very nice and I became fluent in Slovak. After 25 years you should, haha.

INDCHAM: What are the challenges and how can Indian Chamber of Commerce help you?

LALIT: You are already helping by promoting the business, but spreading the information to other businesses, by connecting people and organizing events. I am happy I can be part of the Indian community in Slovakia. Thank you very much.

INDHCAM: All the best, good luck and wish you soon to open up fully again for the wholesale and retail business.


Indimex s.r.o. established in 1992, is engaged in the import and wholesale of oriental goods. Our ideology is to supply a range of high quality that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. In practice, we benefit from many years of experience and also a personal approach, which for us is not only an empty expression, but a belief in how to be the best partner for each customer.


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