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Central and Eastern (CEE) Business Council held on February 09, 2021

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Dear Mr. Taurani,

Greetings of the day!

On behalf of FICCI, we thank you for joining the Launch meeting of the Central and Eastern (CEE) Business Council held on February 09, 2021, and sharing your valued perspective on identifying and conceptualizing strategies for promoting and strengthening trade and economic relations between India and CEE countries.

In the midst of current pandemic times, through brainstorming sessions, a substantive beginning has been made to re-draw and re-define the contours of activities and initiatives to be undertaken in advancing the trade and investment ties between India and CEE countries in the times to come.

The deliberation and endorsement of the Agenda and Terms of Reference (ToR) by all Council Members, attended or been nominated, was indeed the focal point of the meeting. 

We once again like to thank you and do look forward to your support and guidance in carrying forward the Council’s agenda successfully in the times ahead.

With best regards,

Rohit Sharma
Director & Head-Europe, CIS and Turkey Division
Industry’s Voice for Policy Change
Federation House, Tansen Marg,
New Delhi- 110 001.

Meeting minutes



FEBRUARY 9, 2021; 1600 HRS

Minutes of Meeting


  1. FICCI launched the India-Central and Eastern Europe Business Council on February 9, 2021 on the WebEx virtual platform. The meeting witnessed the select representation of Indian industry as new council members, focused to explore, and enhance Indian business relations in regions of Central and Eastern Europe.
  2. The inaugural address was presented by Mr. Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General, FICCI. He welcomed all the members of the Council. He stated that, “CEE region is the microcosm of the very best in terms of new and clean technologies, processes and expertise in manufacturing, world-class human resources and business infrastructure.” He encouraged members to collectively provide advice and guidance to specifically identify and recommend strategies to increase economic cooperation between the regions.
  3. The meeting progressed with a round of introductions by the Council members. KS Kumar, Chief Commercial Officer, Sutherland Global, nominated as the Chair of the FICCI India Central and Eastern Europe Business Council led the discussions forward.
  4. The agenda of the meeting included approval of Terms of Reference (ToR) of ICEEBC, finalise nomination of the Council’s Co-Chair, agree upon the financial and intellectual support from Council members, identify potential sectors for collaboration and the way forward until the next meeting of the Council.
  5. The Council members agreed to share information about the CEE region (top 5 countries, top 10 sectors, issues, opportunities) to prepare an agenda for the Council for year 2021 by end of February. Accordingly, FICCI will collate the necessary inputs/ comments from its Council members and document the details for further circulation and as an immediate reference point.
  6. The Chair advocated the idea to arrange a review/performance plan for the activities and initiatives proposed by the Council. Quarterly review meetings by the Council for the same was therefore, suggested.
  7. The Council agreed to organise Dialogues with Ambassadors/ High Commissioners/ Commercial Counsellors of Indian Embassies abroad and Foreign Missions in India to present the Council’s agenda, seek their views and understand the existing priorities of the Indian Government and the foreign country of focus through virtual/hybrid meetings. JJ Singh suggested Poland has the first country of focus as the Foreign Minister of Poland is likely to visit India in April, 2021.


  1. Similarly, the Council suggested proposing meetings during the sidelines of High-level visits and Business Forums in the coming months such as the EU-India Summit on May 8th,2021; 5th Edition of India Central Europe Business Forum, July 2021 in partnership with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India.
  2. Some of the sectors for future collaboration suggested by the Council include Information Technology, shipbuilding, food processing, pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and medical equipment, Chemicals (Suggestion to collaborate with Cefic, European Chemical Industry Council). Further sectors will be added once inputs received from all Council members.
  3. The Chair suggested having a meeting with Ms. Neeta Bhushan, Joint Secretary (CE), Ministry of External Affairs to seek her view to craft the agenda for the Council aligning with the Indian Government’s priorities and vision to strengthen India’s investment relations with the CEE region.
  4. The members of the Council mutually agreed upon the Terms of Reference (ToR) and the Council’s action plan for the next year.
  5. The Council announced that the next meeting will be held on April 7, 2021, at FICCI Federation House, New Delhi.
  6. Manish Singhal, Deputy Secretary-General, FICCI delivered the vote of thanks at the end of the launch meeting of the India Central and Eastern Europe Business Council


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