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First Indo-Slovak Business Forum - Inaguration

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On March 17, the first Indian-Slovak Business Forum was held in Crowne Plaza hotel in Bratislava. The Indian Embassy in Bratislava together with Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Indian Chamber of Commerce and Culture in Slovak Republic and LongBrand Ltd organized first all day seminar for Slovak Indian companies. The opening ceremony belonged to Ambassador Mann who lid the candle light and introduced the goal of the seminar. After his enthusiastic speech about India it was difficult to top. Vladimira Ledecka from the President Kiska office introduced the growing subject on Startups in Slovakia which are heavily supported by the agenda of Mr. President. Right after Vladimira's presentation, the official inauguration of the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Culture was kicked off. Alexander Horvath, co-founder and member of the board presented main goals of the Chamber and handed over the microphone to the charming facilitator Anna Krishnan who continued the agenda. Along with the presenters Unni Krishnan who introduced a strong message from Ratan Tata, the founder of Tata Group, one of the largest Indian companies. Ratan Tata in his video shared vision on strong leadership in Indian companies. The Jaguar Land Rover will come to Slovakia soon and Tata Group is a major owner of the JLR, therefore it gives strong message to other Indian companies that Slovakia is ready for similar investments. Muenzer Bio Industries presented their business case how Austrian company can find its way to Indian market while Joachim Weichselbaumer former advisor to Minister of Finance Austria shared his presentation on Why Europe needs India.

Around 60 participants from different sectors and regions of Slovakia enjoyed the traditional Indian lunch menu and continued with one-to-one clinics discussions with LongBrand Ltd company represented by Unni Krishnan. We heard som yes and no's. The basis of business-to-business idea was indeed shared among the members and appreciated by exchange of contacts.

Most important is now to keep the momentum and follow up on the started discussions. With special guests from Austria like Anadi Bank, we can create a regional support platform to Indian companies which would like to enter Central European market as well for eager Slovak companies which would like to use the great opportunity and invitation to India's market.

Lets us share few pictures from the event. We thank again all the presenters, organizers of the event and visitors for great one day event and looking forward to see each other on different similar occasion.

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