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Slovakia on DefExpo 2018

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On 11-14 April 2018 DEFEXPO 2018 was held in the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai in India. The Slovak Republic delegation was led by Ministry of Defense together with Slovak Embassy in Delhi on behalf of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Indian Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic was also a proud partner of the event for the first time entering defense negotiations between Slovakia and India together with Slovak defense giants like Konstrukta Defense, DMD Group, MSM Group, EVPU, Virtual Reality Media, Exponea or Tomark Aero.

India for the first time presented Land, Naval & Internal Homeland Security Systems on its bi-annual exhibition in one place close to city of Chennai. The event underscored India’s first serious attempt to project itself as a major military manufacturer. It was formally inaugurated on April 12 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. An impressive 232 foreign companies from 32 countries participated in the show along with 15 country pavilions. The event was attended by the largest number of official delegations with 63 delegations from 58 countries gracing the occasion. A number of international seminars and conferences were also conducted on the sidelines of the show.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic in cooperation with Vidarbha Defence Industrial Hub (VDIH) in city of Nagpur, Maharashtra presented possibilities of the Nagpur Hub to Slovak Defence companies and Ministry of Defence of Slovak Republic. The initial response was very positive with agreed follow up. The intention of the Hub is to attract Slovak companies to start assembly / production in Nagpur Hub in order to start business with Indian Ministry of Defence through Make it India program or cooperation also on research and development through DRDO organization.  

It was the first trip of INDCHAM to Chennai, Tamil Nadu and with this occasion we also reviewed our office with our local leader and board member and VP of Education Mr. Venugopolan Mohan. During the stay we were presented by GMR Group the Defence Hub in Tamil Nadu (similar to Nagpur) giving us more options for Slovak companies. Third Defence Hub in Uttar Pradesh is already under review from the last visit of Lucknow thus covering all three important defense belts of India also presented by the Prime Minister Modi.

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