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Slovakia Hub (Indo - Slovak Startup Hub) in Mumbai (9. – 11.11.2017)

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The Indian Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia invites you to a ceremonial EVENT on the occasion of the launch of the Slovakia Hub (Indo - Slovak Startup Hub) in Mumbai (9-11.11.2017) in cooperation with Slovak Embassy Delhi and Indian Chamber of Commerce the Slovak Republic (INDCHAM), Slovak Association of Innovative companies (SAPIE) and other organizations and business partners (Neulogy, Launcher, SEAK) under the head partnership of global IT Security company ESET. The summit is in line with the strategic focus of economic diplomacy in the Republic of India - which is involved in the preparation of the Slovak Hub event, which, along with the establishment of INDCHAM (virtual and resident) in Mumbai, aims to launch a web platform that will connect the startup ecosystems of the Slovak Republic and India.

The project is launched and organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic and will be co-funded by the Embassy of the Republic of Delhi to support economic diplomacy projects (project tender from 01/2017)

The SBA (Slovak Business Agency) has published a call on its website to financially support startups that will take part in the event (link)

The start of the cooperative platform and INDCHAM is being implemented through the First Startup Collaboration Event at the Indian Financial Center, Mumbai, on November 9-11, 2017.

Primary intention:

To present the Slovak Republic as an innovative EU country that can offer India meaninguful projects and investments. At the same time, expand business collaboration opportunities with high-tech companies and ensure market-entry and scaleup for Slovak innovative companies in the "infinite" Indian market.

If you are interested about this event and would like to register please follow the link to web official site: Slovakia Hub


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