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IE29BF Business Forum December 2016

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The second edition of the Forum attracted over 200 official and business delegates from 18 European countries. Over 200 Indian industry representatives had detailed business engagements with their European counterparts.


The forum has established itself as an institutionalized platform to promote multifaceted engagements with promising European economies. The high-level participation from Europe, marked by the presence of senior ministers, ambassadors and business leaders, underlined the significance European countries have been according to their ties with India.

Technological excellence, new innovations across sectors coupled with highly skilled workforce in European countries is optimally matched by a fast transforming and resurgent Indian economy. The third edition of the Forum is a continued endeavour for accelerating economic ties between India & European countries for mutual gains in the years to come.


  • Strategic collaborations between Indian and CE economies.
  • Hands on understanding of business opportunities existing in both regions
  • Building new partnerships and strengthening existing ones

The forum will focus on India’s multifaceted engagements with CE economies in a calibrated and structured format. Under the over-arching effort, entrepreneurs of large, small and medium enterprises would delve deep into the ways and means for enhancing collaborations in the field of technology transfer, research & innovation and skill development.

Focus sectors

  • Auto & auto components
  • Agro and food processing
  • Clean technologies
  • High-end manufacturing
  • Infrastructure development with special focus on smart cities
  • IT & ITES
  • Life sciences
  • Logistics
  • Renewable energy
  • Skill development

The Forum invites participation of

  • Business leaders
  • CEOs
  • Key policy makers
  • Senior representatives of investment promotion agencies
  • Senior representatives of Chambers of Commerce and Industry
  • Representatives of sectoral organizations (Govt & private)
  • Senior Managers
  • Representatives of the state and regional Governments
  • Representatives of Think-Tanks, thought leaders and entrepreneurs from SMEs sector

Download detailed program of the event here.

Slovakia will be represented by Mr. Milan Gavlák, Senior Consultant, Department of Investment, Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency – SARIO

His Panel will be on Wednesday, December 7, 12:35 PM - On Impact of Recent Investments on Skill sets in Slovak Republic

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