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ITC aims to assist Slovakia in creating sustainable trade linkages with the developing world by sourcing good quality products from these growing export markets. This page contains trade performance and investment data as well as highly innovative trade flow trends and analysis specially developed by ITC. This country page also makes use of ITC’s LegaCarta tool, which offers a country-specific analysis of the global multi-lateral rules impacting cross-border trade. You can also find information relating to the organizations working in Slovakia dedicated to assisting Slovakian importers of goods and services from the developing world as well as those organisations hoping to assist developing-country exporters who wish to sell their product or service in Slovakia .

General trade performance

Evolution of the total imports and exports of goods of Slovakia as % of GDP


Evolution of the total imports and exports of services of Slovakia as % of GDP


Evolution of Total Trade

Evolution of the total import and export of goods of Slovakia (in US$ million)

evolution of total trade slovakia

 Market diversification for a product exported by Slovakia in 2014 - Total All productsexport by leading country

Market diversification for a product imported by Slovakia in 2014 - Total All products

import by leading country

Slovakia's exports by region of destination

slovakia export by destination region

Slovakia's imports by region of destination

 slovakia import by destination region

Evolution of Foreign Direct Investment inflow in Slovakia


Diversification in products for Slovakia's exports


Diversification in products for Slovakia's imports

sector import

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